HslU—HslV peptidase

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HslU—HslV peptidase
Heat shock peptidase dodekamer, E.Coli
EC number3.4.25.2
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HslU—HslV peptidase (EC, HslUV, HslV-HslU, HslV peptidase, ATP-dependent HslV-HslU proteinase, caseinolytic protease X, caseinolytic proteinase X, ClpXP ATP-dependent protease, ClpXP protease, ClpXP serine proteinase, Escherichia coli ClpXP serine proteinase, HslUV protease, HslUV proteinase, HslVU protease, HslVU proteinase, protease HslVU, proteinase HslUV) is an enzyme.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] This enzyme catalyses the following chemical reaction

ATP-dependent cleavage of peptide bonds with broad specificity.

This enzyme belongs to the peptidase family T1.


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