Htilominlo Temple

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Htilominlo Temple
Htilominlo Temple Bagan Myanmar.jpg
The Htilominlo Temple at the Bagan Archaeological Site
Htilominlo Temple is located in Myanmar
Htilominlo Temple
Htilominlo Temple
Location within Burma
21°10′43″N 94°52′46″E / 21.178531°N 94.879398°E / 21.178531; 94.879398Coordinates: 21°10′43″N 94°52′46″E / 21.178531°N 94.879398°E / 21.178531; 94.879398
Denomination Theravada Buddhism
Founded 1211; 805 years ago (1211)
Founder(s) King Htilominlo
Address Bagan, Mandalay Region
Country Myanmar

Htilominlo Temple (Burmese: ထီးလိုမင်းလိုဘုရား, pronounced: [tʰílòmɪ́ɴlò pʰəjá]) is a Buddhist temple located in Bagan (formerly Pagan), in Burma/Myanmar, built during the reign of King Htilominlo (also known as Nandaungmya), 1211-1231.[1]:183[2] The temple is three stories tall, with a height of 46 metres (151 ft), and built with red brick.[2] It is also known for its elaborate plaster moldings. On the first floor of the temple, there are four Buddhas that face each direction. The temple was damaged in the 1975 earthquake and subsequently repaired.[2]


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