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Sample HuMo-gen Web Page
Sample HuMo-gen Web Page
Original author(s)Huub Mons[1]
Developer(s)Huub Mons,[2] Yossi Beck[3] and others
Initial release1999; 21 years ago (1999) (HTML version - deprecated), 2005; 15 years ago (2005) (PHP version)
Stable release
5.5 / 27 March 2020; 6 months ago (2020-03-27)[4]
Written inPHP, JavaScript
Operating systemWeb server, MySQL, PHP
Available inMultilingual (16 languages)
TypeGenealogy software
LicenseGNU General Public License

HuMo-gen is a free and cross-platform web application for displaying and editing genealogical data on the Internet. HuMo-gen was written in PHP and is GNU-GPL licensed open-source software. HuMo-gen supports UTF-8 and is bi-directional. The project was founded in 1999 by Huub Mons in the Netherlands. It is now developed by Huub Mons and Yossi Beck with contributions of other users. Since March 2010 HuMo-gen is hosted on Sourceforge.[5]

HuMo-gen is installed on a web server and uses a MySQL database to store the genealogical data. The webmaster can build entire family trees on-line with HuMo-gen's editing menu or choose to upload GEDCOM files that were created with an external genealogy program. Either way, data can be edited and altered on-line and the data can be exported as a GEDCOM file for use with other programs. With the editing menu a range of genealogical data can be recorded, such as names, dates, places, sources, witnesses, aliases and notes. One can also attach photos, documents and video clips. The webmaster can allow other users to edit data and upload GEDCOM files as well, by allocating a username and password with the proper privileges. As HuMo-gen is a web-based application, it may be installed on a PC on top of an Apache/PHP stack[6] such as XAMPP

The webmaster can control the data that will be visible to the end-user, by creating several user groups. The default group is "guest" which requires no login and will usually have the most stringent privacy settings. Other groups can have different privacy settings that may allow for more details to be shown, and will require log in with a username and password supplied by the webmaster. Privacy settings may hide certain data from the tree or hide entire trees.

End-users may search the database and create several types of textual and graphical genealogical reports. Textual reports include ancestor, descendant and outline reports. Some of the reports may be exported as PDF. Among the graphical reports are the ancestor and descendant charts, hourglass chart, fan-chart and timeline chart. The program also includes a relationship calculator and Google maps integration. As of October 2011, end-users can choose from among 16 display languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Hungarian, Danish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Hebrew and Persian). The program also allows the end-users to choose from among several skins.


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