Hu Minghai

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Hu Minghai
Slalom canoeing 2012 Olympics C2 CHN Hu Minghai and Shu Junrong.jpg
Hu Minghai (front/left) with Shu Junrong at the 2012 Summer Olympics
Personal information
Native name 胡明海
Nationality Chinese
Born (1989-04-19) 19 April 1989 (age 28)[1]
Yueyang, Hunan[2]
Height 1.76 m (5 ft 9 in)[1]
Weight 70 kg (150 lb)[1]
Country  China
Sport male Slalom Canoeist
Retired yes
Hu Minghai
Traditional Chinese 胡明海
Simplified Chinese 胡明海

Hu Minghai (Chinese: 胡明海; pinyin: Hú Míng Hǎi; born April 19, 1989 in Yueyang, Hunan[2]) is a Chinese former male canoeist specializing in canoe slalom double (C-2) event, Shu Junrong and Hu had being been a couple of fixed partners at slalom C-2 in their sports careers, the team of two persons had cooperation for 10 years from their starting to be paired as a team in 2003, to competing in 2013 National Games.

Hu competed in Olympic Games twice, finished the 10th in 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 6th in 2012 London Olympics. He won the gold medal at ICF World Cup Race 1 in Prague,[3] it was first time that Chinese sporters took the first at Slalom C-2 in ICF World Cup. From 2006 to 2012, he won four gold medals and two bronze medals, competing in ICF World Cup series, including ICF Asian Championships and Oceanian Championships. from 2005 to 2013, Hu competed in China National Games three times, the gold medalists in 2009 and 2013, the silver medalist in 2005.[4][5]


Born in Wensheng residential community (文胜社区), Rongjiawan (荣家湾), Yueyang county, Hunan, there is a pond near Hu's family, while he was a small child, he used to go swimming and rowing in a fishing boat there behind his parents' back in summer. He had grown up an excellent swimmer and rower at the age of eight or nine, his arms became very powerful, he got well at coordination skills of his rowing oars.[2]

In the early year of 2001, it was Sui Hongjun (隋红军) who serves as a whitewater slalom coach in Heyuan Water Sports Administration, Guangdong, just at that time he was in a vacation back to his native place Wensheng, also they're neighbors in the same community. When Sui found Hu's potentiality to go Canoeing, he strongly recommended Hu to take part in slalom training. In March 2001, Hu went to Heyuan Slalom Team with Sui from Yueyang, started his slalom canoeing career.

Since Hu Minghai entered Heyuan Slalom Team, In 2003, Hu and Shu Junrong about at the same age there,they paired three months, they became a pretty good team of 2 persons. Hu was elected to the national slalom training team in 2004; in 2006, he became a full member of the Chinese canoe slalom team. The team of two persons gradually became leading figure of Chinese slalom C-2 events in their athletic time.[2][6][7][8]

Career highlights[edit]


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