Hua County

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Hua County
Huaxian is located in Henan
Location of the seat in Henan
Coordinates: Coordinates: 35°33′50″N 114°30′21″E / 35.56389°N 114.50583°E / 35.56389; 114.50583
Country People's Republic of China
Province Henan
Prefecture-level city Anyang
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

Hua County or Huaxian (simplified Chinese: 滑县; traditional Chinese: 滑縣; pinyin: Huá Xiàn) is a county under the administration of Anyang City, in the north of Henan province, China.


The Hua county is located in the southmost part of Anyang. To its north lies Neihuang County, also in Anyang; to its east Puyang County in Puyang; to its south the counties of Changyuan and Fengqiu, both in Xinxiang; to its west Xinxiang's Yanjin County and Hebi's Xun County.


The county executive, legislature, and Basic People's Court are in Daokou Town (道口镇), together with the CPC and PSB branches.[1]


  • Daokou (道口镇)
  • Chengguan (城关镇)
  • Wangu (万古镇)
  • Niutun (牛屯镇)
  • Shangguan (上官镇)
  • Wangzhuang (王庄镇)
  • Liugu (留固镇)
  • Gaoping (高平镇)
  • Baidaokou (白道口镇)


  • Xiaopu (小铺乡)
  • Banpodian (半坡店乡)
  • Laoyemiao (老爷庙乡)
  • Sijianfang (四间房乡)
  • Sangcun (桑村乡)
  • Cizhouzhai (慈周寨乡)
  • Dazhai Township (大寨乡)
  • Baliying (八里营乡)
  • Zhaoying (赵营乡)
  • Zaocun (枣村乡)
  • Laodian (老店乡)
  • Jiaohu (焦虎乡)
  • Wagangzhai (瓦岗寨乡)

Hua County in the News[edit]

On 10 September 2009, the Basic People's Court sentenced Wei Fazhao to death for his January drunk-driving killing of eight people and injuring of three. It was the first death penalty given to a drink-driver anywhere in Henan.[2]

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