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Hua Xin
Official of Cao Wei
Born 157[1]
Died 231 (aged 74)[1]
Traditional Chinese 華歆
Simplified Chinese 华歆
Pinyin Huà Xīn
Wade–Giles Hua Hsin
Courtesy name Ziyu (traditional Chinese: 子魚; simplified Chinese: 子鱼; pinyin: Zǐyú; Wade–Giles: Tzu-yü)
Posthumous name Marquis Jing (Chinese: 敬侯; pinyin: Jìng Hóu; Wade–Giles: Ching Hou)

Hua Xin (157–231),[1][2] courtesy name Ziyu, was a politician who lived in the late Eastern Han dynasty. He was initially an official serving directly under the Han central government, but later switched to serving under the warlord Sun Ce and then under the warlord Cao Cao. After the Eastern Han dynasty was replaced by the state of Cao Wei in 220, Hua Xin continued serving as an official under the Wei regime.

Appointments and titles held[edit]

  • Filial and Incorrupt (孝廉) - nominated candidate to be a Gentleman Cadet (郎)
  • Gentleman (郎中)
  • Gentleman of Writing (尚書郎)
  • Prefect of Shanggui County (上邽縣令)
  • Administrator of Yuzhang (豫章太守)
  • Consultant (議郎)
  • Military Adviser to the Excellency of Works (司空軍事)
  • Master of Writing (尚書)
  • Palace Attendant (侍中)
  • Prefect of the Masters of Writing (尚書令)
  • Military Advisor (軍師)
  • Imperial Counsellor (御史大夫)
The following appointments and titles were held by Hua Xin when he served the state of Wei
  • Chancellor of State (相國)
  • Marquis of Anle Village (安樂亭侯)
  • Minister over the Masses (司徒)
  • Marquis of Boping (博平侯)
  • Grand Commandant (太尉)
  • Marquis Jing (敬侯) - granted to Hua Xin posthumously

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