Hua Xiong

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Hua Xiong
General of Dong Zhuo
Born (Unknown)
Died 191
Traditional Chinese 華雄
Simplified Chinese 华雄
Pinyin Huà Xióng
Wade–Giles Hua Hsiung
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Hua.

Hua Xiong (died 191)[1] was a military general under the warlord Dong Zhuo during the late Eastern Han Dynasty of China. In 190, various warlords from around the country formed a coalition against Dong Zhuo, who was holding Emperor Xian hostage in the imperial court. In one of the battles against the coalition, Hua Xiong, holding the rank of Chief Controller (都督), was executed after his force was defeated by Sun Jian at Yangren (陽人).

In fiction[edit]

While little is known about Hua Xiong from historical records, his character was given a much more significant role in the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. He is described as a "stalwart man of fierce mien, lithe and supple as a beast. He had a round head like a leopard and shoulders like an ape's."

In Chapter 5, as warlords around the country formed a coalition against Dong Zhuo, Hua Xiong was placed at Sishui Pass to ward off the oncoming attack. Lü Bu had originally requested command of the pass, but believing it to be overkill, Hua Xiong stepped in, stating "An ox-cleaver to kill a chicken! There is no need for the General to go. I will cut off their heads as easily as I would take a thing out of my pocket!" And so Dong Zhuo gave Hua Xiong command of the pass.

Having singlehandedly slain four generals of the coalition – Zu Mao (祖茂), Pan Feng (潘凤), Bao Zhong (鲍忠), and Yu She (俞涉) – Hua Xiong seemed invincible. Despite mistrust from many warlords of the coalition, most notably their commander Yuan Shao, Guan Yu volunteered to duel Hua Xiong. To convince them to give him the opportunity, he told them that if he failed against Hua Xiong, the coalition could take his head as punishment. Cao Cao, one of the eighteen coalition leaders, poured Guan Yu a cup of hot wine but the latter declined, claiming he would soon return. Within a matter of minutes, Guan Yu returned with Hua Xiong's head in hand, while the wine was still warm.

Upon hearing of Hua Xiong's demise, Dong Zhuo's advisor Li Ru became very distressed. Dong Zhuo, knowing this, called for a council and invited Li Ru and all his other important advisers and guardians. At the meeting, Li Ru talked about Hua Xiong stating, "We have lost our best leader", placing him above the likes of even the mighty Lü Bu.

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