Huahum River

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Huahum River (Río Huahum)
Country Chile/Argentina
Basin features
Main source Lácar Lake
River mouth Pirihueico Lake

The Huahum River or Río Huahum (Spanish pronunciation: [waˈum] Pronounced: /wɑːm/ WAH-oom), as it is known locally, is a river in southern Chile and Argentina. It drains the waters of Lácar Lake in Argentina to Pirihueico Lake in Chile. The river gives name to Huahum Pass, an international mountain pass on the border between Chile and Argentina.

Huahum River on the map

Coordinates: 40°06′19″S 71°40′11″W / 40.10528°S 71.66972°W / -40.10528; -71.66972