Huajiachi Botanical Garden, Zhejiang University

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The Huajiachi Botanical Garden (Traditional Chinese: 浙江大學華傢池植物園, Simplified Chinese: 浙江大学华家池植物园), is a botanical garden of Zhejiang University.


It's the earliest modern botanical garden in China's history. It was first founded in August 1927 by Prof. Guanguang ZHONG (鈡觀光/钟观光), who was the pioneer of the modern China's botany. Mr. Zhong was also a Zhejiang native from Zhenhai, Ningbo.[1]

The garden is located inside the Huajiachi Campus, Zhejiang University, and it's just aside the Hujiachi Lake.

The garden has an area of 0.93 hectare, and owns more than 1000 different kinds of plants. It's the second largest botanical garden of Zhejiang University, after the largest Yuquan Botanical Garden, which is located near the Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University.


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