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Huang Beijia(Chinese: 黄蓓佳) was born in Rugao, Jiangsu Province. She graduated from Peking University and holds a post of Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Province. She is also the director and the vice-chairman of Writers Association of Jiangsu Province. She began to publish articles in 1973. She joined in Chinese Writers Association in 1984. Her representatives are Carnival Every Night, Midnight Cocktail and Century Romance.

Brief introduction[edit]

Huang Beijia was born in 1955, in Rugao. She started to attempt to create literature in 1972 and the next year her works were published. Huang Beijia bared her heart sincerely and wrote a fairly common female students’ psychology when they were both in university and in society. Shapes of the heroes on that period were mostly contemporary female students. They shared common features. They were all stubborn and weak, and self-esteem and low self-esteem, but also a clear and confusion, and longing and disappointment, and sensible and hearty.[1]


  • Huang Beijia’s Corpus
  • Small Boat, Small Boat
  • Songs Sang for Mom
  • I Flew
  • When Aloe Floated
  • A Sea in Distant Place
  • Drifting Dogs
  • Kiss My Mum
  • I Want To Be a Kind Child
  • Today I am a Flag Raiser
  • In the Water’s Edge
  • This is Such a Brilliant Moment
  • Playing a Fantasia for You
  • Rose Room
  • Dance for Vine
  • Blue May
  • Window View
  • Stirring the Imprint of Life
  • Where is the Way Out?
  • Midnight Cocktail
  • Carnival Every Night
  • Century Romance
  • Parker-style Revolver
  • New Gone with Wind
  • Process of Marriages
  • Transparent as Eyes
  • Voice



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