Huang Chung (album)

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Huang Chung
Huang Chung UK album cover.JPG
Studio album by Wang Chung
Released March 4, 1982 (Original release)
September 19, 1995 (Re-release)
Recorded 1981
Genre Pop, rock
Length 38:15
Label Arista
One Way Records
Producer Rhett Davies and Roger Bechirian
Wang Chung chronology
Huang Chung
Points on the Curve
(1984)Points on the Curve1984
Alternative cover
U.S. release cover
U.S. release cover
Singles from Huang Chung
  1. "Hold Back the Tears"
    Released: 1981
  2. "China"
    Released: 1982
  3. "Ti Na Na"
    Released: 1982
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic2/5 stars[1]

Huang Chung is the self-titled debut album of the band Huang Chung (later known as Wang Chung). Huang Chung was released on March 4, 1982[2] on both vinyl and cassette.[3] Included on the album cover is the name of the band in Chinese (黃鐘, literally Yellow Bell) meaning the first note in the Chinese classical music scale. On September 19, 1995, One Way Records re-released the album on CD under license from Arista Records. The album has since been discontinued.[3]

Huang Chung was supposed to be one of two albums that the band did for Arista Records, but they departed and signed on with Geffen Records afterwards because their manager spotted the band's potential and their upcoming song, "Dance Hall Days", to be a possibly big hit.[4] Meanwhile, after the release, Huang Chung saxophonist David Burnand (a.k.a. Hogg Robinson) left due to "musical differences".[4] No song hit any charts in the U.S.A. or the U.K.

Also, a mastering error is present on the 1995 CD reissue. The track break between "I Never Want to Love You in a Half-Hearted Way" and "Ti Na Na" occurs a fraction of a second before the former track ends. Thus, track 3 begins with what sounds like a glitch, though it is actually the very end of track 2.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Jack Hues, except as noted. Note that Nick Feldman was credited as Nick DeSpig throughout this album.

Arista U.K. LP: SPART 1174[edit]

Side one
1."Ti Na Na" 4:22
2."Hold Back the Tears" 4:05
3."I Never Want to Love You in a Half-Hearted Way" 3:11
4."Straight from My Heart" 2:52
5."Dancing"Hues, Nick Feldman4:38
Total length:19:09
Side two
1."Chinese Girls" 2:51
2."Why Do You Laugh"Hues, Feldman4:06
3."China"Hues, Feldman3:27
4."I Can't Sleep" 3:15
5."Rising in the East" 5:27
Total length:19:06

Arista U.S. LP: AL 6603[edit]

Side one
1."Hold Back the Tears" 4:05
2."I Never Want to Love You in a Half-Hearted Way" 3:11
3."Ti Na Na" 4:22
4."Straight from My Heart" 2:52
5."Dancing"Hues, Nick Feldman4:38
Total length:19:09
Side two
1."China"Hues, Feldman3:27
2."Rising in the East" 5:27
3."Chinese Girls" 2:51
4."Why Do You Laugh"Hues, Feldman4:06
5."I Can't Sleep" 3:15
Total length:19:06

1995 - One Way Records CD: OW 31444[edit]



  • Tracks 1,2,4,5,10 - Produced by Rhett Davies;
  • Tracks 6,8,9 - Produced by Roger Bechirian;
  • Tracks 3 & 7 - Produced by Rhett Davies and Remixed by Roger Bechirian

Recorded at The Gallery, Basing St; and Jam Studios

  • Engineers at Basing St: Nigel Mills, Stuart Henderson
  • Engineer at Jam: Dave Bellotti
  • Assistance: David Massey, Vikki Pepys, Sarah Lubel
  • Photos by Fin Costello
  • Design: Steve Joule
  • Logo Design by Alex Feldman (sister of bass guitarist Nick Feldman)
  • Management by Ged Doherty and Andy Hilton