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Huang Zuqiang
Born 1952 (age 64–65)
Hong Kong
Pen name Huang Yi (黃易)
Huang An (黃安)
Occupation Writer
Nationality Hong Kong
Genre Wuxia, science fiction
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Huang.
Huang Yi
Traditional Chinese 黃易
Simplified Chinese 黄易
Huang Zuqiang
Traditional Chinese 黃祖強
Simplified Chinese 黄祖强

Huang Zuqiang (born 1952), better known by his pen name Huang Yi or Huang An, is a Hong Kong writer of wuxia and science fiction novels. He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and once worked as the Assistant Chairperson of Hong Kong Museum of Art.

In the 1990s, after its golden age, wuxia fiction was increasingly under attack by the general public and was losing its previous aura. However, the emergence of Huang infused new life into the wuxia genre.

From Fuyu Fanyun (Chinese: 覆雨翻雲) to Xun Qin Ji (Chinese: 尋秦記) and Datang Shuanglong Zhuan (Chinese: 大唐雙龍傳), Huang has combined science fiction with traditional Chinese culture (metaphysics, philosophy, etc.) to create a new style of work. Currently, his popularity has resulted in some people describing this phenomenon as flurry of Huang sweeping through China.

Upon conclusion of his longest novel, Datang Shuanglong Zhuan, Huang has commented that he would like to follow in the footstep of Louis Cha and to revise and improve his released novels.

There are some Hong Kong television series adapted from Huang's novels, such as A Step Into The Past (2001), Twin of Brothers (2004) and Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion (2006).

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