Huangbo River

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On the lower Huangbo

Huangbo River (Chinese: 黄柏河, Huangbo He) is a river in China's Hubei Province, a left tributary of the Yangtze River. The Huangbo is located entirely within the prefecture-level city of Yichang. It flows in a southern direction through Yichang's Yiling District and Yuan'an County, to its confluence with the Yangtze, immediately upstream of the Gezhouba Dam. The water level in the river has been raised by the dam, the lowermost section of the river is now somewhat of a harbor on the Gezhouba Reservoir, with numerous wharves and shipyards.

The Chinese Sturgeon Museum, part of the Chinese Sturgeon Research Center, is located on a small island called Xiaoxita in the Huangbo River, within Yiling District.[1]