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Huángfŭ[1] (皇甫), alternatively pronounced Huangpu,[2] is a Chinese compound surname.


In the early Zhou Dynasty, Huangfu is the name of Military Office of Zhou Dynasty period, the officer's descendants appended his name to their own to commemorate him, and thus the surname was born. In the middle Zhou Dynasty, some noble of Zheng (state) became Officer of Zhou Dynasty Government. Thus, Post Huangfu (皇甫) family founded in from descendant of Wu Ji (武子) of Zheng (state). Some Huangfu (皇甫) family founded in Song (state) in Zhou Dynasty at period.

List of persons with the surname[edit]


  1. ^ The approximate pronunciation in English is /ˈhwɑːŋ ˈf/.
  2. ^ 复姓皇甫(pu)念皇甫(fu)?

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