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Huangshan District is a district of Huangshan City, Anhui province, People's Republic of China. It has a population of 163,000 and an area of 1,669 square kilometres (644 sq mi).[1] The government of Huangshan District is located in Jintai Town. The renowned Huangshan Mountain is located within the district.

Huangshan District has jurisdiction over six towns and eight townships.


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  • Yin Yu Tang: A Chinese Home provides a detailed look at life within the Huangshan District through the examination of a Huang family residence built during the late Qing dynasty and occupied for over 200 years.

Coordinates: 30°17′21″N 118°07′48″E / 30.28917°N 118.13000°E / 30.28917; 118.13000