Huangshi Yangtze River Bridge

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Huangshi Bridge
Huangshi Yangtze River Bridge.JPG
Coordinates 30°15′04″N 115°04′20″E / 30.251245°N 115.072088°E / 30.251245; 115.072088Coordinates: 30°15′04″N 115°04′20″E / 30.251245°N 115.072088°E / 30.251245; 115.072088
Crosses Yangtze River
Locale Huangshi, Hubei, China
Design box girder bridge
Material prestressed concrete
Total length total span: 1,060 m (3,480 ft)
total length: 2,580 m (8,460 ft)
Longest span 245 m (804 ft)
Construction start 1991 (1991)
Opened 1995 (1995)
Huangshi Bridge is located in Hubei
Huangshi Bridge
Huangshi Bridge
Location in Hubei

The Huangshi Yangtze River Bridge (Chinese: 黄石长江大桥) is a box girder bridge across the Yangtze River in Huangshi, Hubei Province in central China.[1] The bridge is made of prestressed concrete. The bridge has a total length of 2,580 m (8,460 ft), including a total span length of 1,060 m (3,480 ft), including three main spans each measuring 245 m (804 ft).[1] The bridge was built from 1991 and 1995.[1] In 2002, defects in the structure were discovered, prompting the need for renovation.[1]

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