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Huazhu Hotels Group
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Huazhu Hotels Group Ltd (simplified Chinese: 华住酒店集团; traditional Chinese: 華住酒店集團; pinyin: Huázhù Jiǔdiàn Jítuán), is a hotel management company in China. It was previously known in English as China Lodging Group Limited (Nasdaq: HTHT[1]). The company head office is in Changning District, Shanghai.[2][3]


Hanting Express hotel in Nanchang

The China Lodging/Hanting Inns business was established in 2005.[4] The original company, Powerhill, was established in 2005, and the current Huazhu company was established in 2007.[5] Ji Qi (C: 季 琦,[6] P: Jì Qí), the founder, stated that he got the idea to start the chain by reading a book discussing Accor Hotels. As of 2012 the company had four brands and about 1,000 properties in China.[7]

In May 2015 the company announced that former President Jenny Zhang was to be appointed Chief Executive Officer.[8] In 2017, Huazhu Hotel Group acquired Crystal Orange Hotel Group for CNY3.65 billion.[9][10]

In August 2018, the company faced a major data breach, wherein millions of customer data was leaked and sold on the dark web.[11]


The company brands include Hanting Inns and Hotels (S: 汉庭连锁酒店, T: 漢庭連鎖酒店, P: Hàntíng Liánsuǒ Jiǔdiàn) including Hanting Express (S: 汉庭快捷, T: 漢庭快捷, P: Hàntíng Kuàijié); Hi Inn (C: 海友酒店, P: Hǎiyǒu Jiǔdiàn); JI Hotel (C: 全季酒店, P: Quánjì Jiǔdiàn), Starway Hotel (C: 星程酒店, P: Xīngchéng Jiǔdiàn), Joya Hotel (C: 禧玥酒店, P: Xǐyuè Jiǔdiàn),[12] and Manxin Hotels and Resorts (C: 漫心度假酒店, P: Mànxīn Dùjià Jiǔdiàn). The company classifies Joya and Manxin as upscale brands, JI and Starway as midscale, and Hanting and Hi Inn as economy brands.[5] Previously the sub-brands of Hanting Inns and Hotels were Hanting Seasons Hotel and Hanting Express Hotel, and Hanting Hi Inn.[1]

Jiazhen Huo and Zhisheng Hong, authors of Service Science in China, wrote that the Hanting brand is promoted to be "similar to youth' [sic] hostels so as to meet the customer demands lower than its former market positioning."[13]


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