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HubCityLabs Hackerspace Logo.png
Formation 2011
Purpose Hacking, Hobbyist, DIY
Website HubCityLabs

HubCityLabs is a hackerspace, sometimes called a makerspace, hackspace, hacklab, located in Moncton, Canada. Its creation has been inspired and modeled after the many other Hackerspaces[1] around Canada, the United States and Europe.


HubCityLabs was established in early 2012 to fill the gap of a hackerspace in the Moncton area. At the time there wasn't another hackerspace in Atlantic Canada. Moncton's nickname, "the HubCity" served as a starting point for the name, and HubCityLabs Hackerspace was born.[2]

A few months after their first meeting, the group sorted through the paperwork and became a registered non-for-profit organization. Their mission is to create an environment where people could collaborate on ideas, share resources and talents, and learn from each other—all within a social environment.

Notable Mentions[edit]

  • 375 Million pageviews on a Hackerpsace Budget, which describes how a not-for-profit organization can serve large amounts of traffic on a shoestring budget.[3]