Hubbard Hall (Annapolis, Maryland)

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Hubbard Hall
Hubbard Hall USNA 2.jpg
General information
Town or city Annapolis, Maryland
Country United States United States
Coordinates 38°59′11″N 76°29′36″W / 38.9865007°N 76.4932942°W / 38.9865007; -76.4932942Coordinates: 38°59′11″N 76°29′36″W / 38.9865007°N 76.4932942°W / 38.9865007; -76.4932942 [1]
Completed 1930
Hubbard Hall USNA 1.jpg

Hubbard Hall, often called "The Boat House," is the historic home of the United States Naval Academy's rowing teams in Annapolis, Maryland. Located on Dorsey Creek, off of the Severn River, it was completed in 1930 for the 40-man heavyweight rowing team. It supports the men's lightweight and heavyweight teams and the women's team with over 200 members. The Academy is in the process of completing a new USD $20 million renovation of the entire building including the rowing tank.

Hubbard Hall is named for Rear Admiral John Hubbard (1849-1932), a member of the Naval Academy's Class of 1870 who as oar stroke led a Navy crew to victory in 1870. The Hall was the first building at the Academy to be named after a living person.[2][3]

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