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Hubbard Foods Ltd
Industry Food
Founded Auckland, New Zealand 1990
Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand
Key people
Dick Hubbard, Founder
Products Fruitful Breakfast
Berry Berry Nice
Big Breakfast
Number of employees
Website Hubbards

Hubbard Foods Ltd is a New Zealand manufacturer of breakfast cereals based in Auckland. It sells cereals under its Hubbards brand and private labels. Its founder is Dick Hubbard,[1] who stepped down as CEO from 2004-2007 to serve as the mayor of Auckland. According to The Sunday Star-Times, in July 2010 Hubbards was "the number three player, behind Sanitarium and Kellogg's, in the so-called 'ready-to-eat' cereal market" in New Zealand.[2] It employs around 150 staff.


The company started in 1989 as Winner Foods, but after 2 years, the company founder decided to put the family name on the cereal boxes and to rename the company Hubbard Foods Ltd. In 2008, Hubbard considered selling the company, but decided to retain his ownership.[3]

In 2010, in coordination with Vector Limited, Hubbards installed the largest commercial installation of thin-film solar PV panels in New Zealand on the roof of its South Auckland building.[4]


  • Fruitful Breakfast
  • Fruitful Lite
  • Berry Berry Nice
  • Berry Berry Lite
  • Clever Clusters
  • Amazing Muesli - 5 Fruits and Honey
  • Amazing Muesli - 5 Grains and Honey
  • Amazing Muesli - Pomegranate and Blueberry
  • Amazing Muesli - Feijoa and Apple
  • Amazing Muesli - Almond and Pecan
  • Amazing Muesli - Apple Crumble
  • Amazing Muesli - Golden Syrup and Cranberry
  • Thank Goodness Gluten Free Brown Rice Porridge
  • Thank Goodness Gluten Free Apricot and Apple Muesli
  • Thank Goodness Gluten Free Cornflakes
  • Thank Goodness Gluten Free Cocoa Pops
  • Thank Goodness Gluten Free Berry Muesli
  • Thank Goodness Gluten Free Vanilla Almond Muesli
  • Light & Right - Apricot
  • Light & Right - Berry
  • Light & Right - Blackcurrant
  • Light & Right - Feijoa
  • Light & Right - Apple and Cinnamon
  • Bran & Sultanas and Cranberry
  • Bran & Berries
  • Bran & Nuts
  • Branstix
  • Bugs'n'Mud
  • Rumbles
  • Super Pops
  • Berry Tricks Mix


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