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Hubcap was the name of four fictional Autobots in the Transformers universes.

Transformers Generation 1[edit]

Hubcap in the Dreamwave comics
Sub-group Mini-Bots
Function Communications
Rank 6
Partner Cosmos and Warpath
Motto "Weapons can win battles, but words can win wars."
Alternate modes Car
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Transformers: Generation 2

Hubcap's original bio described him as a friend to everyone, but trusted by no-one. He's something of a con artist, and has all the qualities needed for it - charm, wit, charisma and a smooth tongue.

Animated series[edit]

Probably owing to his similarity to Cliffjumper and Bumblebee, Hubcap was never shown in the Transformers animated series, even when his fellow 1986 Mini-Bots (Pipes, Outback, Tailgate and Swerve) were introduced simultaneously in the mini-series, "Five Faces Of Darkness". An erroneous claim by a fan on the audio commentary track on the 2006 DVD release of The Transformers: The Movie identifies a generic robot resembling Bumblebee that can be fleetingly spotted on Unicron's conveyor as Hubcap.


Hubcap was featured in the 1993 Transformers: Generation 2 coloring book "Decepticon Madness" by Bud Simpson.[1]

Dreamwave Productions[edit]

Hubcap had a brief cameo in Dreamwave's Generation One ongoing series, as a new recruit to the Autobots.

IDW Publishing[edit]

Hubcap was seen among the Autobots in "Transformers: Megatron Origin". He first appears beside Bumblebee and Cliffjumper during Fastback and Bumper's funeral. He is also seen alongside Prowl in the battle of Kaon, helping the Autobots.

Fun Publications[edit]

Hubcap is one of the central characters to appear in Fun Publications fiction Gone Too Far, a text based story set on Transtech Cybertron. Jackpot and Hubcap find themselves in the city of Axiom Nexus after a mishap with a Space Bridge. They are given the grand tour by Scattorshot. While awaiting return to their own dimension they lose all their money in a card game with the Decepticon Gutcruncher. Invited to a rally he is giving, they are framed for his death when he is assassinated. They eventually clear themselves and are transported back to their dimension, where they end up on a planet rich in energon, They offer to help the locals, by helping remove the frightening explosive crystals from the planet.[2]

Hubcap appears in the story Generation 2: Redux where he is among the reinforcements from Autobot City to respond to the Decepticon attack at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Once there the Autobots are able to defeat the Decepticons, but during the fight the Autobots are exposed to refined Forestonite, which enhances and mutates Cybertronian systems. He gets enhanced to his Generation 2 form.[3]


  • Generation 1 Mini-Vehicle Hubcap (1986)
A slight remold of Generation 1 Cliffjumper in yellow.[4]
  • Generation 2 Mini-Vehicle Hubcap (1993)
This was the original Generation 1 Hubcap repainted in a metallic red. He retains the same motto and biography as before.[5]

Machine Wars[edit]

Machine Wars Hubcap toy
Sub-group Basic Vehicles
Function Damage Control
Rank 5
Motto "You smash 'em, I'll trash 'em!"
Alternate modes Tow Truck
Series Machine Wars

His bio describes him as a battlefield scavenger, who salvages parts of destroyed Decepticons for reuse in the Autobot army. The rest he simply uses for target practice.[6]

Fun Publications[edit]

Even though this Hubcap has not fully appeared in any fiction yet, he did get one cameo in Fun Publications fiction Gone too Far, a text based story set on Transtech Cybertron. In this story Generation 1 Hubcap and Jackpot need help, so they looked up their dimensional counterparts. Hubcap contacts this version of himself, but decides he is too "creepy."


  • Machine Wars Basic Hubcap (1997)
A new character named Hubcap was released in the Machine Wars line, an exclusive to Kaybee toy stores. This toy was based on an unreleased Generation 2 mold, which was shared with Machine Wars Hoist.[7]

Transformers Animated[edit]

Alternate modes Cybertronian car
Series Transformers Animated

Animated Series[edit]

Hubcap first appeared in a crowd scene at the end of the episode "Decepticon Air".


Sub-group Scouts
Alternate modes Ford Model B hot rod
Series Transformers

Hubcap is an Autobot who turns into a Ford Model B hot rod similar to The Eliminator, ZZ Top's iconic car. According to his bio, he holds a personal grudge on the Decepticon Brimstone, with their rivalry moving to the urban drag strips of Earth.[8]

According to Hasbro, this figure is not a part of the movie line.[9]


  • Transformers Scout Hubcap (2010)
A Scout Class figure that transforms into a red hot rod.[10]


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