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Hubcap City (From Belgium) is a band from Atlanta, Georgia that formed in 2000 after the end of Bill Taft and Will Fratesi's previous band, Smoke.


The group played their first show at the Benjamin Smoke celebration, when Bill asked Will to play percussion on some of Bill's guitar and vocals-based songs.[1] These raucous, acoustic guitar-driven songs harkened back to the style of Bill's first band, The Chowder Shouters. They continued as a duo for several years under the name Hubcap City, releasing several homemade CDs.[2]
In 2003, they changed their name to Hubcap City (From Belgium), despite being Americans. The name hubcap city is taken from a Deacon Lunchbox poem. They integrated this concept into their concerts, with Bill claiming to be named Leopold, and Will claiming to be named Wilhelm. Bill also introduced original songs as "The Belgian National Anthem.".[3]
Also in 2003, Matthew Proctor joined the band (playing additional percussio, second guitar often lead and also contributing songs. The song Sally on the Ponce 7 inch is a Proctor composition) while Will was playing drums on tour with Cat Power. When Will returned, Hubcap City (From Belgium) became a trio.[4][5]
In 2005, Kat Hairston and Terry Boling joined the band, playing violin (also vocals) and saw, respectively. Kat Hairston left the band in the spring of 2007.
In 2006, HC(FB) released its first 7", the Deerhunter/Hubcap City Split on Rob's House Records. Later that year, they released their first full 7", "Sally" b/w "Five More Minutes (recorded a benefit for Todd Butler a close friend of Mr. Taft who also started Smoke)" on Ponce de Leon Records.[6]
In 2007, Hubcap City (From Belgium) released their first nationally distributed CD, Superlocalhellfreakride.[7] They continue to perform as a five-piece. Their next release is through the Ashton Velvet Rock Club Recording Company. It will be a tape only release which is a split with Melissa Lonely.


  • EP 1 CD (2001, Self-released)
  1. Day Job
  2. My Punk Ass
  3. Paul's Boot
  4. My Wasted Friends
  5. Weegee
  • Live: 2001-2002 CD (2002, HIG Records 004)
  1. Action!
  2. Breakfast at Taxi Driver's
  3. The Man Who Never Forgets
  4. Hubcap City
  5. Paul's Boot
  6. Reservoir
  7. Some Things
  8. Stomp/Atomic Fireball
  9. Faulkner's Typewriter
  10. Debby
  11. Vital Pimp Flash
  12. Ready to Serve
  13. Rahab
  14. Jack Henry
  15. The Top of the Hill
  16. Sandbox
  17. Beautiful and Fucked Up

Tracks 1-8 recorded at WREK radio on 11/13/01.
Tracks 9 and 12 recorded outside at Railroad Earth Studios 5/19/01.
Track 10 recorded at Eyedrum 3/10/01.
Track 11 recorded 12/30/01 at The Earl.
Tracks 13-17 recorded 8/02/02 at Earthshaking Music.

  • EP 2 CD (2002, self-released)
  1. Reservoir
  2. Breakfast at Taxi Driver's
  3. Action
  4. Atomic Fireball
  5. Hubcap City
  • EP 3 CD (2004, self-released)
  1. Jack Henry
  2. Kiss Me, Arturo
  3. Left Eye Went the Wrong Way
  4. Sandbox
  5. Cat Hair on Rockabilly Dress
  6. Slug Party
  7. Door
  • More Songs For Dead Children CD (2004, self-released)
  1. Will's 4-Track
  2. Damaged
  3. Fried
  4. Hold On
  5. Slough of Despond
  6. Court
  7. Dumped
  8. Sassy Magazine Record Review #2: Dear Madonna
  9. One-Eyed Rapists Attack
  10. Unfinished Film Festival Song
  11. Beautiful and Fucked Up
  • Super Local 13 CD (2005, self-released)
  1. Staircase
  2. Hurrah Hurrah
  3. U Don't Know Me Stomp
  4. Message Received 2:34 AM Thursday
  5. Guest of Honor
  6. Five Slugs More Party Minutes
  7. 7 Zebra Heads 2 Plastic Skulls
  8. Yippie Yeah Yeah
  9. Message Received 2:51 AM Thursday
  10. Preacher
  11. Blackout
  12. Ham on Rye
  13. Snarl Baby Snarl

NOTE: All of the above CDs are only available through trade. All of the following recordings are or were also available for sale.

  1. Hubcap City - Mad House
  2. Deerhunter - Grayscale
  • Five More Minutes b/w Sally 7" (2006, Ponce de Leon Records)
  1. Five More Minutes
  2. Sally
  • Superlocalhellfreakride CD (2007, Xeric 112)
  1. Get Rid of Now
  2. Unexpected Guest
  3. Ring Around the Rosie
  4. Wind Blowing on a Sick Man
  5. Deer Hunting
  6. Sticks in the Graveyard
  7. Valley of Bones
  8. No Return
  9. When the President Sez
  10. Bottle of Rum
  11. He Brings the Hatchet in the Evening
  12. Rahab 2:39
  13. Boxcar Gamelan
  14. Guy on Street
  15. Hippest Trick
  16. More Guy on Street
  17. Arabella Sabotage
  18. The Anti-Christ is Alive...


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