Hubert A. Rogers

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Ordination history of
Hubert A. Rogers
Episcopal consecration
Consecrated byCarmel Henry Carfora
DateJuly, 1942
Episcopal succession
Bishops consecrated by Hubert A. Rogers as principal consecrator
Edward Carlton Payne1968
Daniel Q. Brown1969
Robert Schuyler Zeiger1969

Hubert Augustus Rogers (1887 - 1976) was an English-line Old Catholic leader who served as archbishop of New York of the North American Old Roman Catholic Church.

On July 30, 1942, Archbishop Carmel Henry Carfora consecrated Hubert A. Rogers. Rogers functioned as Carfora’s co-adjutor and upon the death of Carfora in 1958, Rogers became the archbishop of the North American Old Roman Catholic Church.

In 1969, Rogers consecrated Daniel Q. Brown to the episcopacy, Brown would later re-convert to Roman Catholicism in its traditionalist factions.