Hubert Hudson

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Hubert Taylor Hudson
Hubert hudson.jpg
Hubert Hudson with young emperor penguins
Born(1886-09-17)17 September 1886
Died15 June 1942(1942-06-15) (aged 55)

Huberht Tor Hudson (17 September 1886 – 15 June 1942), commonly known as Hubert Hudson instead of by his actual first name (an Old English version of the name), was a navigating officer in the British Royal Navy, who took part in Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition to Antarctica.

Hudson joined the expedition whilst a 'mate' in the Royal Navy. He earned the nickname of 'Buddha', when the rest of the crew successfully tricked him into dressing-up in little more than a bedsheet for a 'fancy dress' party on the whaling station at South Georgia.[1]

During the expedition, Hudson was famed for his ability to catch penguins, which the crew used as a source of food whilst trapped on the ice. Towards the end of the expedition, Hudson suffered a severe breakdown of mental morale, possibly due to a massive boil that he developed on his buttocks. His illness caused Frank Wild, the second-in-command, a lot of worry that he would not survive. However, Hudson pulled through and eventually recovered his health.[2]

Upon return from the expedition, Hudson took part in World War I, serving on 'mystery ships'.[2]

He later also took part in World War II as a Royal Navy Reserve Convoy Commodore. Hudson died on 15 June 1942 while in convoy HG84 when his ship, the merchant vessel Pelayo, was torpedoed by U-552.


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