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Hubert Humphrey aka Steeley Hubert Humphrey, Jr. (born 1942, Macon, Georgia[1]) is the founder of several financial services corporations in the United States. Humphrey used to market motivational business material from his online store.[2] Humphrey is the founder of World Marketing Alliance, now known as Hegemon Group International (HGI). Humphrey's FINRA registration expired at the end of February, 2012.[3]

A.L. Williams / Primerica[edit]

Humphrey was one of the original members in the A. L. Williams organization, which became well known in later years for its controversial insurance philosophy "Buy term and invest the difference" and multi-level marketing (MLM) organization structure. Humphrey worked for over 20 years on the railroad, and was at one point an Amway (not to be confused with Amtrak) distributor. Humphrey later joining A.L. Williams, and began to apply MLM techniques to his A.L. Williams sales organization, initially without the knowledge or consent of A.L. Williams founder Arthur L. Williams, Jr.. His methods became the foundation of the organization, and the growth of A.L. Williams to a sales force of 250,000 registered life agents when sold, and 44,000 registered stock brokers was attributed to Humphrey's use of leadership training and recruiting in the company.

In 1990, A.L. Williams, a private company, was merged with Primerica and renamed Primerica Financial Services. In 1991, after the acquisition, Humphrey left the company.

World Marketing Alliance[edit]

In 1991, Humphrey then created Alexander, Inc., which was renamed World Marketing Alliance, Inc. (WMA). The new company was also in insurance and investments, however the product was different. The company concentrated on marketing variable universal life insurance (VUL) and became one of the largest, independent broker/dealers in the country. Humphrey eventually sold select assets of World Marketing Alliance to Aegon in 2001, which is now known as World Financial Group and merged with Transamerica Financial Advisors.

World Leadership Group[edit]

Humphrey retained WMA Mortgage Services, Inc., from his sale of WMA, which became the foundation for World Leadership Group WLG.

World Leadership Group was focused on mortgages and real estate. Companies under the WLG umbrella included Global Equity Lending (formerly World Lending Group) and Global Realty Marketing (formerly World Realty Group). His plan was to apply the same business model from his predecessor companies to the mortgage and real estate businesses. The flagship mortgage product that was sold was the "Option ARM" - a type of adjustable-rate mortgage. World Leadership Group and associated companies ceased business operations in December 2008 citing current market conditions in the mortgage and real estate industries.[citation needed]

Hegemon Group International[edit]

Hegemon Group International ("HGI") officially launched on January 3, 2012, however did not have licensed insurance products until 2013. The company primary product is life insurance with living benefits. HGI also offers non-licensed products such as Self-Directed Retirement Accounts, Land Banking, Oil & Gas Investments, Estate Planning, Credit Restoration, Merchant Services, and Debt Management.

Personal life[edit]

Humphrey is married, and he has four children[citation needed]

In 2005, Hubert Humphrey began construction of a $45 million 82-room mansion on 72 acres in rural Cumming, GA. After the United States housing bubble burst, the property was listed for sale in 2008. The property was later foreclosed and was sold for $11.5 million in 2011.[4][5][6]


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