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Hubert Ney (12 October 1892 – 3 February 1984) was a German politician (Zentrum, CVP, CDU) and Minister President of Saarland (1956-1957). He was born and died in Saarlouis.

He was related to Michel Ney.

Life and career[edit]

Hubert Ney started studying law at the Universities of Freiburg, Munich and Bonn, which was interrupted by his service in the First World War. During his service in the German expeditionary force in 1918, he lost his right arm. After the war he resumed his studies in Heidelberg again and became active in K.St.V Palatia Heidelberg in KV. He received his doctorate and settled in his hometown of Saarlouis as a lawyer down. In 1920 he joined the Centre Party. In the referendum held on January 13, 1935, he spoke in favor of reincorporation of the Saarland into the German Reich.

In 1946 he founded together with Johannes Hoffmann and others, the Christian People's Party of the Saar (CVP). Unlike Hoffmann Ney but sat down again for a connection to a Saarland Germany. In 1952 he became chairman of the CDU Saar, which was, however, banned at the time. In the referendum on 23 October 1955, he sat down like the other pro-German politicians for a rejection of the European Saar Statute.

After the Saar Statute was rejected by a large majority (67.7%), still occurred on the night of vote day Johannes Hoffmann as prime minister back and Heinrich Welsch became interim president, on December 18, 1955 were state elections held, from which the strongest, the CDU party emerged. Accordingly, was elected prime minister of Saarland on January 10, 1956 Hubert Ney from the Saarland parliament, he led a Heimatbund government consisting of CDU, SPD and DPS.

On 1 January 1957, the Saarland became a state of the Federal Republic of Germany in accordance with Article 23 of the Basic Law. Ney was therefore both Prime Minister of the autonomous Saarland, as well as the new state. He stepped on 4 June 1957. by disputes within the coalition and with the federal party of the CDU, became his successor Egon Reinert. 1959 Ney resigned from the CDU and founded the Christian-national community, but failed in the regional elections in 1960.

1964 Hermann Schwann tried in vain to win him over to the left-national-neutralist Action Commonwealth of Independent German of August Haußleiter. 1969 Ney called for a vote for the NPD.

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