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Hubert Sauper at Berlinale 2014

Hubert Sauper (b. 27 July 1966, Kitzbühel, Tyrol, Austria) is a documentary filmmaker best known for the highly controversial Darwin's Nightmare (2004) which was nominated for an Academy Award.

Sauper has lived in the UK, Italy, and the USA and now lives in France. He studied film directing in universities in Vienna and France. He teaches film classes in Europe and the USA.

He acted in several short films and two feature length films: In The Circle Of The Iris, directed by Peter Patzak, (with Philippe Léotard), and Blue Distance, directed by Peter Schreiner.

His two latest documentaries have received twelve International Film Prizes.


  • On the Road With Emil (1993, Documentary)
  • So I Sleepwalk In Broad Daylight (1994, fiction)
  • Lomographer's Moscow (1995, Documentary)
  • Kisangani Diary / Loin du Rwanda (Far From Rwanda) (1998, Documentary)
  • Alone With Our Stories (2000, Documentary)
  • Darwin's Nightmare (2004, Documentary)
  • We Come as Friends (2014, Documentary)

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