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Hubi J. Meisel (born 31 July 1974) is a German progressive rock vocalist[1] and producer who was born in Frankfurt.

Early years[edit]

Before going on his own, he was the singer for the German progressive metal band Dreamscape on their CD "very" (1999).

Solo albums[edit]


In 2002, Meisel released an EP called "CUT", featuring re-arranged versions of his favorite 80s songs from such bands as Rush, The Cars, A-ha, and Mr. Mister, performed in rock/metal style, feat. Marcel Coenen on guitars.


In 2003, he released "EmOcean", a concept album about such themes as Atlantis, the Sargasso Sea and the Bermuda Triangle. For this album, Meisel closely cooperated with French keyboardist Vivien Lalu who composed the instrumental music according to Meisel's concept & directions; the other musicians involved are guitarist Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged), Swedish Drummer Daniel Flores (Mind's Eye) & Jean B. Affonco (bass).


His latest CD is the concept album “KAILASH”, released on 27 February 2006. This CD is all about the Tibet, the Himalayas, Mt. Kailash as well as the Dalai Lama and Buddhist/Hinduist culture and mythology. Like on “EmOcean”, Hubi was again closely collaborating with Vivien Lalu; the rest of the line-up features Spanish guitarist Jorge Salán ("Mägo de Oz"), Marcel Coenen ("Sun Caged"), Swedish drummer Daniel Flores (Mind's Eye) and the bass by Johan Niemann (Therion) and Joop Wolters, who played the guitars on the 2 bonus tracks "The Gentleman of Great Magic" & "Tigers of Everest".


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