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Hubo is a Belgian hardware store-chain.[1] Hubo Belgium and Hubo Netherlands are two separate entities. The headquarters of Hubo is located in Wommelgem. In 2011 Hubo had 120 stores spread across Belgium.[2] In 2008 it had a revenue of about 355 million euro, which makes up about 20% of the Hardware store market in Belgium.[3]


The name Hubo used to be short for "Houthandel Utrecht Bedrijven Organisatie". Houthandel is Dutch for trade in wood. Houthandel Utrecht started in the 1930s as a wood shop. When the organisation started delivering hardware to customers this got a bad reaction from some building companies, and they decided to separate this selling of hardware from the wood industry. Several shops were opened under the name Houtribo, and the amount of shops grew quickly, which would be the base for the Hubo Hardware store-chain. From 1967 the organisation started franchising, and in 1969 the name Hubo was used for the franchise organisations. In 1972 Hubo also started opening shops in Belgium. In the 1970s ownership changed a couple of times and in the 1980 Hubo was sold to KBB (the current Maxeda). In October 1992 the 28 Belgian Hubo stores were sold to three Belgian investors.[3]

Hubo has grown, partially by taking over other chains like Bricomarché in 2002, Selfmade in 2003, Superbois in 2005 and Aster-X in 2009. On the European market Hubo was a founding member in 2006 of Bricoalliance, a purchasing group with 370 stores in Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy and Portugal.[4] Hubo also owned a majority share in Bricoking (es), a Spanish DIY chain of 28 stores, until November 2013.[5][6]

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