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Huck Hodge
Huck Hodge 2010.jpg
Huck Hodge at the Gaudeamus Muziekweek

Huck Hodge (born 1977, Gainesville, Florida) is an American composer of contemporary classical music.

Hodge's first musical training took place in Oregon. In 1999, he began a course of study in Germany at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Stuttgart with funding from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst. Between 2002 and 2008, he was an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellow at Columbia University where he studied Composition under the instruction of Tristan Murail and Fred Lerdahl. Hodge graduated with MA and DMA degrees from Columbia.

Hodge is the winner of a 2012 Guggenheim Fellowship, the 2010–2011 Rome Prize, the 2008 Gaudeamus Prize and the Aaron Copland Award from the Bogliasco Foundation. He is an associate professor of composition at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Catalog of Works[edit]

  • Toccata for Piano solo (1998)
  • Concerto for Cello and Chamber Orchestra (1999)
  • Widerspiegelung | Mirror Image (2000): for Tenor Saxophone and Piano.
  • Zeremonie (2001): for Computerized Sound
  • AntEroica (2001): for Piano, Live Electronics and Video Projection.
  • Kandinsky Studies (2001): for Computer-Synthesized Sound (programmed in C Sound).
  • String Quintet (2001)
  • Zeremonie (2002): version for Large Ensemble, Computerized Sound and Dance. In collaboration with the NYU New Music and Dance Ensemble.
  • The Awakeneing (2002): for Full Orchestra.
  • De Nativitate (2003): for Piano Quintet.
  • Between Light and Shade (2003): for Flute, Cello and 3 Percussion.
  • Seeds of Fire (2003): for Piano and Computerized Sound.
  • Early Lyrics (2004): Sop, Fl, Cl/Bcl, Vln, Vcl, Pno and Electronics.
  • Psalm XIII (2004): for SSAATTB Choir.
  • . . .como un respiro (2005): for solo Cello and eleven strings.
  • Parallaxes (2005): for Chamber Orchestra.
  • Out of a Dark Sea (2006): Fl/Alto Fl, Cl/Bcl, Hrn, Perc, Harp, Pno, Vln, Vcl and Electronics. Commissioned by The Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players, ((Gilbert Kalish)), Director, as part of the
    19th Annual World Premieres Commission Series
  • Phantasie (2006): for amplified Cello. Commissioned by Musik der Jahrhunderte for cellist Adrian Fung as part of the ISCM World New Music Festival, 2006.
  • Remix-Asyla (2006): for Large Ensemble. In collaboration with members of Ensemble Modern and the Berlin Philharmonic.
  • A Distant Mirror (2006): for Bass Clarinet/Clarinet and Piano.
  • Efflux (2007): for Clarinet and Violin.
  • In Lumine (2007): for SATB Choir.
  • Two Preludes (2007): for Harp solo.
  • Apparent Motion (2008)
  • String Quartet (2008): commissioned by the American Composers Forum with funding from the Jerome Foundation.
  • Transfigured Etudes (2009): written for the 2010 ISCM World New Music Days, Sydney, Australia.
  • Alêtheia (2010/11): for large chamber ensemble. Commissioned Muziek Centrum Nederland for l’Ensemble Aleph and Ensemble Insomnio as part of the Laboratoire Instrumental Europeén.
  • from the language of shadows (2010/11): for symphonic wind ensemble, 2 amplified pianos, 3 amplified Contrabasses and silent film. 24-member CBDNA consortium commission.
  • I think that the Root of the Wind is Water (2011): for computer-realized sound. Commissioned by the American Academy in Rome.
  • pools of shadow from an older sky (2011): for live-processed bent Piano, computer-realized sound and video projection in collaboration with video artist Karen Yasinsky. Commissioned by the American Academy in Rome.
  • Départ (2011): for Violin solo. Written as part of a musical Festschrift for Tristan Murail.
  • Tetzahuitl (2012): for chamber orchestra. Written for the Talea Ensemble / Contempuls Festival (Prague).
  • re((f)use) (2012): for live-processed melodica, amplified string quartet and electronics.[1] Commissioned by Music at the Anthology.
  • Time is the substance I am made of (2013): for 32 singers, computer-realized sound, video, choreography and lighting design. Commissioned by the National Concert Hall of Taiwan for the Taipei Chamber Singers.
  • Apophenia (2014): for large mixed chamber ensemble and dancers. Commissioned by the Barlow Endowment and the Rondó Festival with funding from the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.
  • Unicinium (2014): for microtonal (19-division) trumpet, written for Stephen Altoft.
  • pulse – cut – seethe – blur (2015): commissioned by the Seattle Symphony, premiere 23 October 2015.[2]
  • The Topography of Desire (2016): commissioned by Harvard's Fromm Foundation, premiere 29 April 2016 by the Daedalus Quartet at University of Washington, Meany Hall.


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