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Huck Whitney

Huck Whitney, Musician / Composer / Film theme writer, was born in Birmingham, England and was formerly known as Ian Whitney. Having played bass and guitar for many years with local bands such as the Street People, Whitney first came to national attention as the bass player with Birmingham indie band Delicious Monster, who enjoyed chart success with singles "Power Missy", "Snuggle" and "Big Love" as well as the album Joie de Vivre. Since 1996 Huck Whitney has played Guitar

and recorded eight Studio Albums and seven John Peel Sessions alongside brother Joe (Drums) in The Flaming Stars.[1] The year 2008 saw the release of his first solo album Black Diamonds which contains the two demos submitted for the Bond film Quantum of Solace and represents his solo compositions for that year. 2010 saw Huck join forces on guitar with Florence Joelle, a Parisian born London based singer aka 'Florence Joelles Kiss of Fire' an act that could be seen internationally until his departure in 2012. Whitney was then composing music for his Ballet de Bicyclette and alongside commitments with The Flaming Stars, mainly concentrates on the writing of Themes for Film.

2017 saw Huck Whitney writing and recording for his new project 'Huck & Monika' and he plans to release a single and album of new material with his songwriting Partner Monika at some point in 2018.


Delicious Monster [edit][edit]

Studio albums[edit][edit]

  • Joie De Vivre (Flute Records 1993)

Singles/ EPs[edit][edit]

  • Dull Dull Dull / All you Is / Secret Place (Pure Savage Records 1992)
  • Power Missy / Best Babe / Blood ( Flute Records 1992)
  • Ripped / I.O.U. / Peace (Flute Records 1993)
  • Snuggle / Simulate / Double Double (Flute Records 1993)
  • Big Love / Shedding (Flute Records)

The Flaming Stars[edit][edit]

Studio albums[edit][edit]

Singles/ EPs[edit][edit]

  • Downhill Without Brakes / Broken Heart / Eat Your Heart Out / Burnt Out Wreck of a Man (Vinyl Japan, May 1996)
  • Ten Feet Tall / Spaghetti Junction (Vinyl Japan, December 1996)
  • Bury My Heart at Pier 13 / Down to You (live in London) (Vinyl Japan, March 1997)
  • New Hope for the Dead / Are You Being Served (Vinyl Japan, October 1997)
  • Sweet Smell of Success / The Day The Earth Caught Fire / Never Missed You Tonight / A Place in the Sun (Vinyl Japan, April 1998)
  • Only Tonight (Vinyl Japan, November 1999)
  • You Don't Always Want What You Get / Saturday Night Special (Vinyl Japan, January 2001)
  • One Lonely Night / Days Like This (Alternative Tentacles, September 2001)
  • A Little Bit Like You / The Man Who Would be B.B. King (Vinyl Japan, September 2002)
  • Spilled Your Pint / Sixty Nine (Vinyl Japan, Bang! Records, 2004)
  • Stranger on the Fifth Floor / New Hope for the Dead (live in Germany) (Vinyl Japan 2005)

Other albums[edit][edit]

Huck Whitney [edit][edit]

Studio albums[edit][edit]

  • Black Diamonds (Noco1 2008)

Florence Joelle's Kiss Of Fire [edit][edit]

Studio albums[edit][edit]

  • Kiss of Fire (Zoltan Records 2011)

Singles/ EPs[edit][edit]

  • Florence Joelle's Kiss Of Fire /When I Get Low I Get High / Watermelon Gin / Unchain My Heart / Stardust Merchant (Zoltan Records 2010)


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