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Holding company[1]
Traded as NASDAQHSON[2]
Industry Management consulting, Talent Management, Outsourcing
Founded March 31, 2003[3]
Headquarters New York, NY, United States
Area served
Key people

Stephen Nolan,[4] Chief Executive Officer
Patrick Lyons,[4] Chief Financial Officer
Lori Hock,[4] CEO, Americas
Alexis de Bretteville,[4] CEO, Europe
Mark Steyn,[4] CEO, Asia Pacific

Ivan De Witte,[4] Chairman, Europe
Number of employees
2000 (2012)

Hudson is a global talent solutions company headquartered in New York, NY offering services that include recruitment, talent management and recruitment process outsourcing.

It was founded in 2003 and employs more than 2000 workers serving clients and candidates in over 20 countries.


Hudson Global, Inc. was originally spun off as Hudson Highland Group (NASDAQ : HHGP) on March 31, 2003,[3] from the former eResourcing and Executive Search business units of TMP Worldwide Inc. - a human capital provider.

On April 26, 2012, Hudson announced to change its corporate name to Hudson Global, Inc. and company's shares began trading in NASDAQ, under its new symbol "HSON" from April 30, 2012.[2]

Organization and operations[edit]

Hudson has offices in over 20 countries across five continents and employs more than 2000 workers.[citation needed]

The company has the following geographical divisions:[5][6][7]


Hudson delivers enterprise as well as smaller scale assignments to businesses operating in many industries. It distinguishes its services with a focus on providing specialized professional staffing, interim management and recruitment process outsourcing, related project management, management consulting and talent management services.[1]

As most consulting firms, the consulting workforce operates in a matrix structure. The first axis is dedicated to the operating industries, or industries of its clients. The second axis is the core practice areas, which broadly refers to the functional or technical domains in which Hudson specializes. Client engagement teams typically consist of a combination of industry experts, capability specialists and professionals with local market knowledge.[citation needed]

Operating Industries[edit]

  • Financial Services: Banking, Accounting, Capital Markets, Insurance
  • Products: Legal, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing and Industrial, Supply Chain and Procurement, Retail, Consumer Goods and Services, Infrastructure and Transportation Services, Health and Life Sciences
  • Defense, Media and High Tech: Defense and Aerospace, IT&T, Media / PR / Advertising
  • Resources: Chemicals, Energy, Natural Resources, Utilities
  • Public Sector: Public Sector

Core Practice Areas[edit]


Marketing and branding[edit]

Hudson marketing campaigns formerly used the slogan "From great people to great performance."[12][13][14]


Chairman of the Board:

  • Jon Chait (March 2003 till February 2011)[15][16]
  • Manuel Marquez (March 2011 till May 2015)[17]
  • David G. Offensend (May 2015 till present)[18]

Chief executive officer:

  • Jon Chait (March 2003 till February 2011)[15][16]
  • Manuel Marquez (March 2011 till May 2015)[17]
  • Stephen Nolan (May 2015 till present)[18]

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