Hudson River Blues

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Hudson River Blues
Directed by Neil Cox
Produced by Jennifer Manocherian
John Manocherian
Screenplay by Jennifer Manocherian
John Manocherian
Starring Mason Adams
Marylouise Burke
Miles Chapin
Polly Draper
Greg Edelman
Tovah Feldshuh
Ann Harada
Edward Hibbert
Marceline Hugot
Rya Kihlstedt
Gun for Hire Films
Release date
September 16, 1997
Country United States
Language English

Hudson River Blues was a 1997 independent film.

"The film tells the story of a two-career couple and how they deal with the wife's urge to become a high-powered lawyer and the husband's desire to change jobs and become an environmentalist caring for the Hudson River."[1]

It starred Tovah Feldshuh.


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