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Huế University

Huế University (Vietnamese: Đại học Huế) is a university located in Huế, the former imperial capital of Vietnam; this university is one of the important regional universities of Vietnam. In Vietnam, universities are classified into three classes: national university (Ho Chi Minh City National University, Hanoi National University), regional university (Tay Nguyen University, The University of Da Nang and Hue University) and university. However, the classification is for administration only and does not reflect the quality of education.


Organization structure[edit]

  • Science Commission
  • Committee for science and technology application
  • Academic units
    • College of Science
    • College of Pedagogy
    • College of Agriculture and Forestry
    • College of Medicine and Pharmacy
    • College of Arts
    • College of Economics
    • College of Foreign Languages
    • Hue University Quang Tri Branch
  • Administrative departments
    • Administration
    • Training
    • Postgraduate Training
    • Planning and Finance
    • Science Management and External Relations
    • Personnel
    • Student Relations
    • Equipment Management
    • Construction Projects
  • Centers
    • Center for Biology, Natural Resources and Environment
    • Distance Education Center
    • National Defence Training
    • Learning Resource Centre
    • Test Center
    • Trung tâm Đào tạo dự bị sau đại học
    • IT Center
    • Student Service Center
    • Physical Education Center[1]

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Coordinates: 16°27′30″N 107°34′47″E / 16.4583°N 107.5796°E / 16.4583; 107.5796