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Huetamo is a municipality in the southeastern corner of the Mexican state of Michoacán, in a region known as "Tierra Caliente" (meaning hot land). Of indigenous Purepecha Indian origin, the word "Huetamo" means "four chiefs" or "four came". Fr. Juan Bautista de Moya founded it in 1553 and its official name now is San Juan Huetamo de Núñez.


The region was independent around the 16th century. During this period of time, Andalusian Spaniards, African slaves and indigenous people populated the region. Through time the people in the region became people of mixed race; castas, mainly Castizos, mestizoss, mulatos and Lobos - another name for Zambos.

The French invaded Mexico in 1862, taking control of big and wealthy Haciendas in the Tierra Caliente region, like Zirandaro, and Comburindio. But they encountered their defeat by the Andalusian-styled "Terra Calentanos". About 400 French soldiers were imprisoned in zirandaro, but many later escaped or were released by the people. Most of the French soldiers that were freed married women in the same region. Zirandaro is known to have the greatest French heritage in the region.

Mex-Interstate 49 Video of Hwy leading to Huetamo.

Coordinates: 18°35′N 100°53′W / 18.583°N 100.883°W / 18.583; -100.883