Huevos estrellados

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Close-up of huevos rotos with ham
Huevos estrellados with chips and pieces of chistorra.
Huevos rotos

Huevos estrellados or Huevos rotos is a term used to describe eggs fried in a large amount of olive oil or any other oil, most common in Canary Islands cuisine. Different regions use the name to refer to one of a variety of specific dishes. For example, in Madrid it refers to a dish based on a pan-fried egg with a liquid yolk, accompanied by french fries (some modern versions of this dish use chips) some kind of meat (typically ham or bacon) or sausage (such as chorizo or chistorra). It needs to be served hot, immediately after plating. It is sometimes consumed for breakfast.


Huevos estrellados are typically served with potatoes. The potatoes serve to soak up the yolk of the egg. A variant of the dish involves eggs that are scrambled instead of fried.

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