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Huftarøy is located in Hordaland
Location in Hordaland
Location Hordaland, Norway
Coordinates 59°59′47″N 5°15′24″E / 59.9964°N 5.2568°E / 59.9964; 5.2568Coordinates: 59°59′47″N 5°15′24″E / 59.9964°N 5.2568°E / 59.9964; 5.2568
Area 50.4 km2 (19.5 sq mi)
Length 14.8 km (9.2 mi)
Width 6.8 km (4.23 mi)
Highest elevation 244 m (801 ft)
Highest point Loddo
County Hordaland
Municipality Austevoll
Population 2435
Pop. density 48.3 /km2 (125.1 /sq mi)

Huftarøy is the largest island in the municipality of Austevoll in Hordaland county, Norway. The 50.4-square-kilometre (19.5 sq mi) island lies in the Austevoll archipelago, just west of the Bjørnafjorden, south of the Korsfjorden, east of the Mokstrafjorden, and north of the Selbjørnsfjorden.[1]

The largest settlement on the island is the municipal centre of Storebø on the northern part of the island. The 1.53-square-kilometre (380-acre) village of Storebø has a population (2013) of 1,322; giving the village a population density of 864 inhabitants per square kilometre (2,240/sq mi).[2] Austevoll Church is the main church for the island and it is located in the village of Storebø. Other villages on the island include Birkeland, Haukanes, Husavik, Kolbeinsvik, Otterå, and Vinnes.


The island currently has no bridge or tunnel connections (as of 2014), however the planned Hordfast bridge-tunnel network may connect the island to the mainland. This project is currently in the planning stages and the Austevoll option is one of several possibilities.[3]

The island has two regular ferry connections. The northern ferry stops at Hufthammar and runs northward to Krokeide (near Fanahammaren in Bergen municipality on the mainland. The southern ferry stops at Husavik and it runs southward to Sandvika on the island of Stord in Tysnes municipality. The island of Stord is connected to the mainland by an undersea tunnel.[1]

There are several smaller islands surrounding Huftarøy which are connected to each other by road bridges. The Storholmbrua-Austevollsbrua bridge network connects Huftarøy to the islands of Hundvåko and Stora Kalsøy to the northwest. Two very short causeways connect Huftarøy to the small islands of Drøna and Rostøya to the west. The Selbjørn Bridge connects to the islands of Selbjørn and Stolmen to the southwest.[1]

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