Hugh Boyd Secondary School

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Hugh Boyd Secondary School
9200 No. 1 Rd.

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Coordinates49°08′45″N 123°10′43″W / 49.14574°N 123.17871°W / 49.14574; -123.17871Coordinates: 49°08′45″N 123°10′43″W / 49.14574°N 123.17871°W / 49.14574; -123.17871
School typeHigh school
School boardSchool District 38 Richmond
PrincipalMr. Johal
Enrollment500+ (2016)
AreaWest Richmond
Colour(s)Black and Gold         
MascotTommy Trojan
Team nameTrojans

Hugh Boyd Secondary School is a school located on the western side of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, that serves students from grades 8 to 12 . It is part of School District 38 Richmond. The school was named after Hugh Boyd, Richmond's first mayor (known then as a Reeve).

Hugh Boyd Secondary opened in 1960, and was originally a junior high school serving Grades 8-10 only, before it expanded in 2011 to serve Grades 8-12. In 2009, the school completed a new wing which contained a new office, science wing, gymnasium, lounge and library.

Its student population ranges each year, from approximately 500 to 800 students, most of whom come from the surrounding Seafair neighbourhood. The school is fed into by the nearby elementary schools of Gilmore Elementary School, Dixon Elementary School, Steves Elementary School, Diefenbaker Elementary School, Quilchena Elementary School, Lord Byng Elementary School and Grauer Elementary School.

The school colours are black and gold, and the school sports teams are named the Hugh Boyd Trojans. The School offers sports such as Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Track & Field, Field Hockey, Soccer, Badminton, and Tennis. Hugh Boyd have been very successful at its athletics in past years. It features a Combined Studies Program (shared with Matthew McNair Secondary) and an Incentive program.

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