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Hugh Elliott
Hugh Elliott2.jpg
BornNovember 27, 1964
Austin, Texas, United States
EducationBerklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts
OccupationFilm/TV Editor, musician

Hugh Elliott is an Emmy Award-nominated Film/TV editor[1] and musician based in Los Angeles, California.

His editing work has focused primarily on TV series and documentaries like Deadliest Catch, Alaska: The Last Frontier, The Little Couple, 20/20, Nightline, NFL Total Access and Genealogy Roadshow. As a musician, Elliott is a founding member of the quintet, "Jazz Punks".[2] He is the drummer, co-producer, and co-arranger on the Jazz Punks album, SMASHUPS,[3] which reached #1 on the CMJ Jazz Top 40 in June 2012. He played on a number of other albums as well, including the Angela Bofill album, I Wanna Love Somebody,[4] and Heather Nova's album, South.[5]

Early life and education[edit]

Hugh Elliott was born in Austin, Texas and grew up in Dallas, Texas in the United States where, as a young child, he began studying drums with Vernon Ewan,[6] percussionist for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. He went on to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

Career as musician[edit]

After Berklee College of Music, Elliott moved to New York City where he performed and recorded with local and international artists including Grover Washington Jr., Herbie Hancock, Phoebe Snow, Joan Osborne, Phyllis Hyman and Angela Bofill. Elliott performed at venues such as NYC's Beacon Theater and Blue Note Jazz Club, Chicago's Arie Crown Theater and Detroit's Fox Theatre. He recorded multiple times at NYC's The Power Station during its heyday.

In addition to his work with Angela Bofill, Elliott played on a number of other internationally released records, including Sandra Bernhard's, I'm Still Here... Damn It!,[7] Laura Branigan's, Remember Me,[8] Billy Crawford's, Billy Crawford,[9] Robert Lamm's (of the band, Chicago) solo album, In My Head,[10] and Heather Nova's, South, drumming on the single, Like Lovers Do, which was featured in the film, Serendipity.[11]

In 2006, Elliott was a founding member of the Los Angeles-based quintet, Jazz Punks.[12] In 2009, the group released a self-titled EP. In 2012, Jazz Punks released an album titled, SMASHUPS.[13] SMASHUPS received positive reviews, including the Boston Globe,[14] JazzTimes[15] and All About Jazz.[16] In addition to reaching #1 on the CMJ Jazz Top 40, SMASHUPS garnered #15 on CMJ's Top 100 Albums of 2012 and remained on KCRW’s Jazz Top 10 for 8 weeks.[17]

Career as editor[edit]

As an editor, Elliott's body of work includes TV series and documentaries for networks such as Discovery Channel,[18][19] Animal Planet,[20][21] Investigation Discovery,[22][23] ABC,[24][25] ABC News,[26][27] PBS,[28][29] and NatGeo.[30][31] These TV series include Deadliest Catch, Alaska: The Last Frontier, The Little Couple, 20/20, Nightline, Emmy Award-winning Good Morning America, NFL Total Access and Genealogy Roadshow (2007–2021). In 2022, Elliott received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Editing on an Unstructured Reality Program for his work on Deadliest Catch, Season 18.


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