Hugh Hamilton (racing driver)

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Hugh Caulfield Hamilton
Nationality British
Born 18 June 1905
Died 26 August 1934 (age 29)
Circuit Bremgarten
Years active 1930-1934

Hugh 'Hammy' Caulfield Hamilton[1] (18 June 1905 - 26 August 1934)[2] was a British racing driver, who was killed in the 1934 Swiss Grand Prix.[2] He was born in Omagh, in Tyrone, Northern Ireland.[2] It has been said that he was "perhaps the top British driver at that time [before his death]".[3] He raced with Dick Seaman on occasion, and was good friends with him.[4]

Early life[edit]

Hamilton was born in Northern Ireland, but moved to England in 1922. He started off as an MG salesman,[1] but then started racing motorbikes, in 1930 he started racing with a Riley.[5]


Race Date Car Position
2 x 12 h Brooklands 10.05.1930 Riley Brooklands 9 3
2 x 12 h Brooklands 09.05.1931 MG Midget C type 3
Tourist Trophey 22.08.1931 MG Midget DNF
1000 mile Brooklands 04.06.1932 MG Midget DNF
Tourist Trophey 20.08.1932 MG Midget C type DNS
500 mile Brooklands 24.09.1932 Bugatti T51 DNF
Mille Miglia 09.04.1933 MG Magnette K3 22
Tourist Trophey 02.09.1933 MG Midget J4 2
1934 Swiss Grand Prix 26.08.1934 Maserati 8CM Ret[6]


Hamilton was racing an MG Midget in the 1933 Masaryk Grand Prix, when he crashed, after his waterproof cape blew over his eyes.[2] He seemed to have fully recovered from the three broken ribs and internal injuries which he sustained, which led to his taking up racing again the following year. However, in the 1934 Swiss Grand Prix, Hamilton, driving a Maserati 8CM, crashed into a tree.[2] This occurred after his front left tyre failed around 1500 meters from the finishing point at 150 km/h.[2] This led to his crashing into a fir tree. Two spectators were hurt in the crash.[2]

A post mortem revealed that his heart stopped before the crash, which led to the feeling that his heart stopping was the result of his crash in 1933.[7]


Hamilton's funeral was arranged by the British consul and Dick Seaman, and was held in Bern.[2][7]


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