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Hugh I'Anson Fausset (1895–1965), was an English writer, a literary critic and biographer, and a poet and religious writer. His mother was Ethel I'Anson, of Darlington, Durham, descended from Joshua I'Anson who established the Darlington I'Anson line in 1749.

His father was the Rev. R. T. E. Fausset, of Killington, then in Westmorland, who was the son of Andrew Robert Fausset. Hugh Fausset was educated at Sedbergh School and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, and then at as a choral scholar at King's College, Cambridge.[1][2]

Fausset worked at the Foreign Office, during the summer of 1918, later he became a reviewer and writer. He was a correspondent of John Freeman.[3]

Fausset wrote for The Times Literary Supplement and The Guardian, as well as for other periodicals. He married Marjory Rolfe, daughter of the Rev. G. W. Rolfe.[1]


  • Youth and Sensibility (1917) (poems)
  • The Healing of Heaven (1920) (lyrical drama)
  • The Spirit of Love (1921) (sonnet sequence)
  • Keats: A Study in Development (1922)
  • Tennyson: A Modern Portrait (1923)
  • Studies in Idealism (1923)
  • Before the Dawn (1924) (poems)
  • John Donne: A study in discord (1924)
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1926)
  • Tolstoy: The Inner Drama (1927)
  • William Cowper (1928)
  • The Proving of Psyche (1929)
  • The Modern Dilemma (1930)
  • The Lost Leader, A Study of Wordsworth (1933)
  • A Modern Prelude (1933) (autobiography)
  • Walt Whitman: Poet of Democracy (1942)
  • Between the Tides (1943) (novel)
  • The Last Days (1945) (novel)
  • Poets and Pundits (1947) (essays)
  • Towards Fidelity (1952)
  • The Flame and the Light: Meanings in Vedanta and Buddhism (1958)
  • The Fruits of Silence (1963)
  • The Lost Dimension (1966)


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