Hugh II of Arborea

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Hugh II was Giudice of Arborea, reigning from 1321 CE until his death in 1336 CE. He was the illegitimate son of Marianus III of Arborea and Paulesa de Serra.

Hugh sided with James II of Aragon, who had been invested with the Kingdom of Sardinia and Corsica by Pope Boniface VIII in 1297. He became vassal of James for Arborea and probably wanted to expand his control over the whole island, as governor on behalf of the Catalan Crown. To this end, he assisted the future Alfonso IV in the conquest of 1323 – 1324, when the Republic of Pisa was expelled from the island. After Alfonso's army disembarked at Palmas, Hugh joined him at the siege of Villa di Chiesa (modern Iglesias). He was present, too, at the fall of Castel di Castro on June 1324. Hugh II died of an unknown illness in 1336.


Hugh married Benedetta (died circa 1345). They had nine children:

Hugh also had an illegitimate son:

  • Lawrence, legitimised 1337


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Preceded by
Marianus III
Judge of Arborea
Succeeded by
Peter III