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For the Indian Army officer, see Hugh MacMahon (Indian Army officer).
Hugh MacMahon
Archbishop of Armagh
Church Roman Catholic Church
See Armagh
In office 1715 – 1737
Predecessor Dominic Maguire
Successor Bernard MacMahon
Personal details
Born 1660
Cavany, Co. Monaghan
Died 17 August 1737
Previous post Bishop of Clogher

Hugh MacMahon (1660–1737) was Bishop of Clogher 1707–1715 and Archbishop of Armagh 1715–1737.

Born in 1660 in the townland of Cavany, Scotshouse, County Monaghan, Ireland, the son of Colla Dubh Mac Mahon of the Dartry branch of the clan and Eibhlin O'Reilly, the daughter of Colonel Philip O'Reilly, the Cavan leader in the 1641 Rebellion. Hugh MacMahon was appointed as Roman Catholic Bishop of Clogher on 15 March 1707, following the death of his predecessor, Patrick Tyrrell in 1689. In 1711, he was appointed the Apostolic Administrator for the Diocese of Kilmore; he resigned from this position in 1728. On 8 July 1715 he was appointed to the position of Archbishop of Armagh. Hugh MacMahon was the first of three Clogher bishops who were, in succession, appointed to the See of Armagh.[1] He died in Armagh on 7 August 1737.

Bishop MacMahon was one of several priests who were targets for Edward Tyrrell the priest-hunter working in Dublin and the Wicklow area around 1712.

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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Patrick Tyrrell
Bishop of Clogher
1707 – 1715
Succeeded by
Bernard MacMahon
Title last held by
Dominic Maguire
Archbishop of Armagh
1715 – 1737
Succeeded by
Bernard MacMahon