Hugh McGregor Ross

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Hugh McGregor Ross
Hugh McGregor Ross, 88 years of age when the photo was taken in January 2006, with a copy of the 1987 Draft Proposal for ISO/IEC 10646
Born Hugh McGregor Ross
(1917-08-31)31 August 1917
Nairobi, British East Africa
Died 1 September 2014(2014-09-01) (aged 97)
Painswick, Gloucestershire, England
Nationality British
Occupation computer scientist
Known for early work as a computer pioneer, standardization of ASCII

Hugh McGregor Ross (31 August 1917 – 1 September 2014)[1] was an early pioneer in the history of British computing.[2][3][4] He was employed by Ferranti from the mid-1960s, where he worked on the Pegasus thermionic valve computer.[5] He was involved in the standardization of ASCII and ISO 646 and worked closely with Bob Bemer.[6] ASCII was first known in Europe as the Bemer-Ross Code.[7] He was also one of the four main designers of ISO 6937, with Peter Fenwick, Bernard Marti and Loek Zeckendorf. He was one of the principal architects of the Universal Character Set ISO/IEC 10646 when it was first conceived.

Hugh was an expert in the Gospel of Thomas and wrote several books about it. He was a Quaker, and also wrote about George Fox. His working papers on the teachings of Fox are held at Yorkshire Quaker Heritage Project.[8]

Books by Hugh McGregor Ross[edit]


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