Hugh O'Donnell, 2nd Earl of Tyrconnell

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Hugh O'Donnell, 2nd Earl of Tyrconnell (October 1606 – August/September 1642[1] ) (originally known in Irish as Aodh mac Rudhraighe Ó Domhnaill), was titular King of Tír Conaill, and son of Rory O'Donnell, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell whose title was however attainted.[a]


O'Donnell was the son of Rory O'Donnell, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell and his wife Bridget, the beautiful daughter of Henry FitzGerald, 12th Earl of Kildare.[2][b]

O'Donnell was three weeks shy of his first birthday when he sailed from Lough Swilly during the Flight of the Earls. He accompanied his father to Rome, where his father and uncle Cathbarr O'Donnell died of fervours. His aunt Rosa, the wife of Cathbarr, met and married Owen Roe O'Neill, and it is probable that O'Donnell was in her care, because both he and his cousin, also named Hugh O'Donnell, received a modest pension from Archduke Albert, governor of the Low Countries, from 1615,[c] and were raised in Leuven where they were educated by Franciscan colleagues of Archbishop Conry.[3][4] He was a page to the Infanta Isabella, daughter of King Philip III of Spain.[3][5] In time he joined the service of King Philip, and was commissioned colonel of a tercio in 1632.[4] He was killed in action when his ship engaged a French vessel in August or September 1642 and caught fire.[citation needed]

O'Donnell left no immediate heirs, although the Earldom, were it not attainted in 1614, would have passed by remainder to his uncle Cathbarr O'Donnell, whose line was extinct by then, and thence, to his 1st cousin Donal Oge O'Donnell, according to the terms of the letters patent.[citation needed]


O'Donnell married Anna-Margaret, daughter of Maximilian de Hennin, Count de Bossut Knight of the Golden Fleece (died 8 December 1625) and Alexandrine Franeoise de Gavre; and a near kinswoman of the last eccentric Charles, Duke of Guise.[3][6][d]


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