Hugh Russell

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Hugh Russell
Personal information
Born 15 December 1959

Hugh Russell (born 15 December 1959 in Belfast, Northern Ireland) is a former Irish boxer. Russell won a Flyweight bronze medal at the 1980 Summer Olympics. Two years earlier, Russell also won a bronze medal, this time representing Northern Ireland at the 1978 Commonwealth Games in Edmonton.

Olympic results[edit]

Professional career[edit]

Known as "Little Red", Russell turned pro in 1981 and won two British titles in Bantamweight and Flyweight. He was the first boxer to win a British title at both divisions in that order.

In October 1982 he defeated Davy Larmour at the Ulster Hall to win the Irish Bantamweight title. The fight was also a final eliminator for the British Bantamweight title.

An iconic image of Russell reaching through the ropes to kiss his mother, Eileen, after winning the fight, appears in photographer Brendan Murphy's book Eyewitness.

In January 1983, he fought in the last 15 round British title fight against reigning Bantamweight champion John Feeney. The fight was stopped in the 13th round when the referee disqualified Feeney.

Russell retired in 1985 as undefeated British flyweight champion after securing the Lonsdale Belt.

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