Hugh Sullivan

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Hugh Sullivan
Hugh Sullivan.png
Home and Away character
Portrayed byRodger Corser
Duration2006, 2007
First appearance5 April 2006
Last appearance12 June 2007
Introduced byJulie McGuaran

Hugh Sullivan is a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by Rodger Corser. He made his first appearance during the episode airing on 5 April 2006 and made his last on 12 June 2007.


Hugh arrives in Summer Bay as a friend and former flame of Rachel Armstrong (Amy Mathews). Rachel invites him to join her and Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou) for lunch at Leah's place. Hugh learns Leah is the midst of a separation from her husband Dan (Tim Campbell) and asks her on a date. Leah is reluctant at first and declines but she agrees later agrees and they share a kiss, which is witnessed by Dan. Hugh leaves after Leah rejects him, admitting that she did not feel that anything was there.

Hugh returns several months later and falls for Rachel, who is now married to Kim Hyde (Chris Hemsworth). He becomes a confidant to Rachel when she and Kim goes through a rough patch in their marriage and even organizes a picnic with him. Rachel sees Hugh flirting with Nurse Julie Cooper (Lisa Hayson-Phillips) and sets them up on a dinner date which proves very uncomfortable for them both. Julie asks Hugh if he still has feelings for Rachel, which he lies and says he does not. Rachel later invites Hugh to stay with her and Kim. When they attend a medical conference together a drunken Rachel tells Hugh she thinks she is more suited to her than Kim is. Hugh, uncomfortable moves out and begins sharing the diner flat with Martha MacKenzie (Jodi Gordon).

On a night out with Kim, Tony Holden (Jon Sivewright) and Ric Dalby (Mark Furze), Hugh meets Ingrid Lynch (Leigh Shorten) and spends the night with her. Rachel is jealous when she finds out but Hugh admits to Ingrid that he is emotionally unavailable. Rachel confronts Hugh about his awkwardness around her and he admits his feelings. She is shocked and was quick to tells him that he is just feeling that way because they used to live together and are still having to work together. Several days later, Hugh invites Rachel to join him for dinner which she accepts but leaves halfway through. She returns after a falling out with Kim and High agrees to let her stay. Hugh and Rachel then share a kiss after he comforts her.

Hugh receives a posting in Johannesburg and tries to keep it a secret but Julie tells Rachel. He then gives Rachel an ultimatum; He will only stay if they can be together. Hugh gives Rachel some time to think but leaves for South Africa following her indecisiveness. Several months later, Hugh emails Rachel, who is now engaged to Tony and asks to meet up with her, however, she turns down his offer.


Inside Soap ran a poll asking their readers to decide who Rachel should be with out of Hugh and Kim. The results indicated that they wanted Rachel to be with Hugh - who received fifty-seven percent of the vote.[1]


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