Hugh Willoughby, 12th Baron Willoughby of Parham

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Hugh Willoughby, 12th Baron Willoughby of Parham (c.1637–1712) was an English peer of the House of Lords.[1] He was the eldest son of Thomas Willoughby, 11th Baron Willoughby of Parham and his wife Eleanor, daughter of Hugh Whittle of Horwich. He succeeded to the title on the death of his father in 1692.[1][2]


Hugh Willoughby followed in his father's footsteps supporting religious dissenters at Rivington and Horwich. In 1693 he bought the Shaw's lead mines at Anglezarke where he held the mines and manor as trustee to a mortgage.[3] In 1703 became a trustee and benefactor of Rivington Unitarian Chapel.[4]

Hugh Willoughby married twice, first Anne, daughter of Lawrence Halliwell of Tockholes who bore him a son, Thomas, who died in infancy. She died in 1690 aged 52.[5][better source needed] He then married Honora, daughter of Sir Thomas Leigh, Lord of Stoneleigh and had two children, John and Honora. His second wife outlived him and died 1750 aged 77.[2][5][6] Hugh Willoughby died aged 75[5] without a surviving male heir in August 1712. The title passed to his nephew, Edward Willoughby who became 13th Baron Willoughby of Parham.[5]


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Peerage of England
Preceded by
Thomas Willoughby
Baron Willoughby of Parham
1692–1712 Hugh
Succeeded by
Edward Willoughby