Hugh and I Spy

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Hugh and I Spy
Genre Sitcom
Starring Terry Scott
Hugh Lloyd
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 6
Running time 30 minutes
Original network BBC1
Original release 22 January – 26 February 1968

Hugh and I Spy was a black-and-white British sitcom that was transmitted in 1968. It was the sequel of the long-running Hugh and I. Hugh and I Spy was written by John Chapman and produced by David Croft.



The sixth and final series of Hugh and I showed Terry and Hugh on a cruise, Hugh having won £5,000 on the Premium Bonds. In Hugh and I Spy, they have returned but they get unwillingly involved in espionage and double-dealing. Each episode ended in a cliffhanger.

All the episodes were thought to be lost until 2013 when the sixth episode was recovered.[1] (See Wiping).

Hugh and I Spy Episode 6 - Tea or Coffin - came from the Patrick Duffy collection. This was sold through the medium of eBay to the highest bidder in March 2013. It is believed that this collector has episodes from other TV series that were believed to have been wiped.


  1. Yellow Peril (22 January 1968)
  2. The Heights of Madness (29 January 1968)
  3. Checkpoint Charlies (5 February 1968)
  4. Holy Smoke (12 February 1968)
  5. Five In A Bed (19 February 1968)
  6. Tea or Coffin (26 February 1968) (Recovered June 2013)


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