Hughes Lake (California)

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Hughes Lake
Lake Hughes-kmf.JPG
Location Sierra Pelona Mountains,
Angeles National Forest,
Los Angeles County, California
Coordinates 34°40′33″N 118°26′44″W / 34.675818°N 118.445638°W / 34.675818; -118.445638Coordinates: 34°40′33″N 118°26′44″W / 34.675818°N 118.445638°W / 34.675818; -118.445638
Type Sag pond
Basin countries United States
Surface elevation 3,192 ft (973 m)[1]
Settlements Lake Hughes

Hughes Lake, referred to before 1924 as West Elizabeth Lake, is a lake located directly on the San Andreas Fault the northern Sierra Pelona Mountains, in Los Angeles County, southern California. [2]


The lake is one of a series of sag ponds in the foothills of the Sierra Pelona Mountains, including Elizabeth Lake, and Munz Lakes, all created by the active motion of tectonic plates on the San Andreas Fault. [3] They are part of the northern upper Santa Clara River watershed. [4]

The lake, at 973 m (3192 ft) in elevation, is within the Angeles National Forest.

The community of Lake Hughes, an unincorporated community, began settlement in the area around 1873. [5]

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